A message from Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association


Almost a million California taxpayers signed petitions to repeal the increase in the gas tax, and thanks to your efforts, the repeal will be on the November 6 statewide ballot as Proposition 6.

Proposition 6 repeals Senate Bill 1, the 2017 tax increase on gasoline, diesel fuel and vehicle registrations. It also amends the state constitution to require voter approval of all future increases in fuel and vehicle taxes or fees.

Proposition 6 will save the typical family of four over $700 per year in direct and indirect costs. It will repeal the tax increase of 12 cents per gallon on gasoline and 20 cents per gallon on diesel fuel, as well as the $50 to $175 increase in the cost of DMV registration and annual DMV renewal for all vehicles.

California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, over 20 percent when the cost of living is taken into account, and one contributing factor to that is the higher cost of transportation. The tax increase on diesel fuel raises the price of everything that is transported by truck, including food. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the inflation rate in California cities is higher than the national average of other U.S. cities. The higher cost of transportation is one reason for that.

The backlog of delayed road and bridge repairs, estimated by state officials to be $150 billion, is evidence that state lawmakers have not made road safety a priority. Instead of funding transportation infrastructure and maintenance, the politicians have diverted the revenue from transportation taxes to fund other priorities, or pet projects.

SB 1 raised taxes without reforming the well-documented waste and inefficiency at Caltrans. Taxpayers in California pay the highest taxes in the nation and suffer with roads in the worst condition. Taking more money from the wallets of California families to fund more of the same is not the answer. What’s needed is a new funding plan that spends all transportation-related tax and fee revenue on transportation.

That’s why we urge all California taxpayers to Vote YES on Prop 6.

P.S. Thank you for joining the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in this important effort! If you would like to get involved or donate to support this grass-roots campaign, please click the links in the menu above. Your support is greatly needed, and especially appreciated. Thank you again!

Taxpayers Host Annual BBQ

 The fundraising event was held on Thursday, August 9, 2018, 5 to 8 PM 

The location was at The Pickle Patch, 577 W St. Charles Street, San Andreas, CA 95249. The restaurant is located near the intersection of HWY 49 and Pool Station Road.

Eric Eisenhammer

Founder of the Coalition of Energy Users. Which is California's only grassroots advocate for access to affordable energy and quality jobs. The organization has a team of highly qualified leaders and 10,000 citizen activists. CEU engages in legislative and regulatory issues and acts as a resource for accurate energy policy information. Also, Eric is Director of Grassroots Operations of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, He coordinates community outreach, facilitating activism through a network of grassroots leaders, social media programs, web development and mass email marketing efforts. Also responsible for development and coordination of major donor relations program. He was also an interesting guest on Taxpayer Alert PATV program.

Congressman Tom McClintock, Keynote Speaker

Tom addressing issues of local concern including support for the timber industry and the Fed draining of New Melones Lake.  Tom is an old friend of CCTA, attending many of our annual BBQs.

Russ Thomas, CCWD Director & Former Supervisor, singing patriotic songs.

Taxpayer Alert Recent Shows

Below is the latest two episodes of the CCTA  PATV 30 minute program.

Featured  in the first show is Tim Lutz, County CAO. 

Tim discusses the complex challenges facing our local government and some of the unique approaches to improve communication and accountability. Time did not permit exploring the budget consequences of a possible cannabis ban or what would happen if FEMA does not fund as agreed due to the hurricane disasters.

Featured in the second show is Rebecca Callen, County Auditor/Controller. 

Rebecca discusses payroll issues in her department and the major problems facing the county due to unfunded liabilities, issues with cannabis, capital improvements and FEMA issues. 

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